I have been blessed to know Tom for over 25 years. He is such a great listerner, one of the few that I know. There aren't many people who can listen, without judging. Tom does and does it quite well. He is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. He is the type of person everyone needs on their team, as their coach.

Naya B.

I've known Tom for eleven years now. From the first time we met, Tom has had a presence that emits peace and joy. When Tom speaks, I listen. I listen not only because I enjoy what he says; I listen because when he speaks there is wisdom and truth. It is a wisdom and truth that he not only speaks, but that he lives. I am blessed that God has put Tom in my life. He has shown me through his example, how to be a better husband, a better father, and a better man. How to handle adversity with grace and dignity, and handle success with humility. He has been instrumental in my spiritual journey, always there to instruct and guide, to discuss and listen. It is through the example of his own spirituality that I have grown. Tom is the person I look up to and try to emulate. And knowing Tom, he would say, "Don't try to be like me, try to be yourself". This, again, is his wonderful humility. He thinks not of himself, but of others. He is the essence of service. To do for others without thinking of oneself, and expecting nothing in return. Tom is my teacher, and Tome is my friend. I have read a quote in a book that I know applies to Tom, "you may rely absolutely on anything he says about himself."

Steve F.

Tom as been an instrumental part of my life for about 15 years. There has never been a time when I have reached out to him for guidance that he was not there to listen and to give advice. Dad as I call him is a father to me. He gives me his honest opinion no matter how it may make me feel and I appreciate him for that. He has taught me how to put myself first in all situations and I quote "To thou self be true" is his quote that he consistently reminds me when I am sharing. He makes you look at yourself from within and you know what is the right thing to do so just do it. I have been at some very low points in my life and I don't know where I would have ended up if I did not follow his advice and I want to thank you DAD for being there to see me through. I leave you with one last quote that he has told me that I live by daily "Never except the unacceptable". As long as I remember that I refrain from hurt, low self esteem, worthlessness and resentment. I keep my head up and look for to what GOD has in store for me.


Testimonial - My experience with Tom began in 2008. Since then, he has been a consistent example of empathy, patience, and encouragement. Tom's decades of experience in interventions and recovery have made him an authority in his field, while his kindness and humility give him the gift of inspiring others to their own healing. In my own walk into recovery, Tom has been a steadfast guide: always pointing ahead, always supportive, never holding me back or kicking me forward. I'm grateful that God saw fit to put Tom into my life!

Author - Will S.

Tom has blessed my life for 16 years. He is one of my giants. His influence was humorous, non-judgemental and caring. AND SO WISE. He was a fuzzy rock - honest, supportive, firm and available. Two years ago, I asked him to be my sponsor. He honored me with accepting. He never gave up on me, though I thought I deserved it. I try to follow in his path but I can’t duplicate his spirituality and strength. It is not that I fail, nor has he ever suggested that. It’s that we all need a hero, a person we wish we could be. Tom is that person. He tells me I am a good man, as I struggle to be a child of God and help others. I was taught that men do not say “I love you” to a man. But I do. My teacher. My friend. Peace and Blessings to you Tom.

Author - Required Jim Crozier

I met Tom in August of 2007. I was 16 days clean and sober when we first met. Although he doesn't know it, he is one of the most influential and inspirational people in my recovery, especially during my first year. Tom is as 'real' as they get. He has compassion and a heart to help the still sick and suffering alcoholic and addict and God has gifted him with a rare talent to do so. It's been a priviledge to witness the change in so many men under his care. He is a true disciple. I am honored to be called his friend.
Dan R.

Dan R.

Testimonial - I have been blessed to know Tom for over 25 years. He has been blessed with the gift of helping people. His life truly speaks of being "a service station" for God. His tenacity for paying it forward is so impressive, he's smart and articulate, and has a passion for helping people heal. In my struggles to get sober, Tom never gave up on me when others had. From Tom I am learning not to let my fears keep me stuck, and to share even the smallest things. He encourages me without even knowing it, to be a better person. He is who you want as an interventionist, a life coach or a consultant. Selma J.

Author - Selma J.

I have known Tom for over 25 years and his passion for helping others in their personal growth both mentally and spiritually has always been present. It is amazing to watch him share his time and spread his wisdom and love throughout all of his friends all the while being such an active participant in his rather large family. He seems to carry a superior being wherever he goes and always has an open heart to everyone who is willing to share their stories and experiences with him. It seems like he has all of the answers to any and every problem that I have ever had in my life. When he made the announcement to enter the business of "coaching" and explained what it was, I said that there is no better person in the whole world for that Service. To this day, when I encounter someone in the world and they begin to discuss their issues or struggles to me, my first response is always call Thomas Hamilton. He is a great mentor, a great source of knowledge, and because he is so genuine and non bias in his approach it makes him that much easier to talk to and listen to. I do not know where i would be without him. I am extremely grateful to have this man in my life and I know every person who crosses his path will benefit the same. Peace and Blessings

Lawrence M.

It feels almost impossible to find fitting enough words to describe a human being so deserving of the utmost respectable and admirable comments. I have never, until meeting Tom, and never again since, had the chance to experience such a devoted, sincere, loyal, godly person. Tom is a man, not only made of spirit and love, caring for others as if they were his own flesh and blood, but also a man so skilled at working with people and addictions that I truly can say from my heart that for anyone suffering an addiction, the best gift they can experience is that of receiving Thomas Hamilton into their life. He has a set of skills I truly believe no other can match- a set of skills he built through lifetime experience and self direction coupled with a spirituality that is more than powerful. He certainly has all the education necessary to assist people but he goes beyond your normal educated professional into a league of his own. He, I believe, is on a higher level because he has an internal, personal love and loyalty, commitment, and service devotion that surpasses your everyday professional or everyday person. If you have a family member or a close friend or other loved one who you believes needs help to save his or her life, I pray you are reading this, and that you will trust Tom with your loved one's life because I will tell you that you CAN TRUST HIM WITH THEIR LIFE. He has helped my husband and myself and my family through so much without hesitation, never walking away, never giving up. He does not give up hope on anyone and he services other human beings the closest to how God would that I have ever seen in anyone in my forty one yrs of living. I have been around the substance abuse field for a long time and around addiction in my own life and I would not only trust my family member's lives in Tom's hands and guidance I would truly want every professional in the field of addiction to be trained by him as the field would certainly flourish with experience such as his. He is definitely, without a doubt, God's healing hand in addiction on this earth.Tom does change lives and has an irreversible loving mark that I believe he leaves on everyone's heart he has the chance to touch. Written from my heart and soul.

Darlene B.

Testimonial - RequiredI have known Tom H. for about nine years in this life. Tom has taught me a lot through his experience, strength, hope and wisdom. Through Tom's life experience and how I believe God speaks through him he provides strength and willingness to overcome personel road blocks while making you feel there is hope and strength to persevere! Wisdom comes from living life on lifes terms. Living life on lifes terms is what life is all about. I am learning these things from Tom and more.

Dennis Johnson

I met Tom a little over nine years ago. We seemed to connect from the very first. It was unusual for me to be around anyone who seemed so at peace with themselves. I was suspicious at first. Over the years I have seen how wrong that first impression was. Tom is a man of deep faith. He believes that he has a calling to serve. He acts on this set of core beliefs every day. I have seen the positive change he has helped affect in others, and have experienced it personally. This is a gift and he shares it freely. Kind, caring, spiritual, professional-it's a wonderful package. I am blessed to have him in my life.

Bill O

Bill O

I have come to believe that God sends angels in human form to save
souls from destruction. Tom was, and continues to be my "angel". I
have known Tom for over 40 years. We attended Jr.High school and High
school together and have continued to have a friendship that is one of
a kind. I have shared things with him that only God and I know,
because he is trustworthy, and extremely loyal. On the day that God
interrupted my death, it was Tom that he sent to let me know that I
didn't have to live like that anymore. I was sliding down the razor
blade of life, dying physically, emotionally and spiritually. As I
came out of the welfare office, (I had lost the ability to pay rent)
there he was. My angel. I hadn't seen him in quite a while and the
horror of what he saw was apparent. You see, I was the "nerd" the girl
most likely to succeed. No one would have believed that this is how my life had turned out. He sent me to a place where I began to put my
life back together. I have been sober now for 23 years and Tom
continues to support me on this journey. He is generous in his giving,
kind in his criticism, creative in his suggestions, and compassionate
in his attitude. These attributes make Tom one of a kind.

Deborah G.

I met Tom Hamilton almost a year ago when my son started using heroin again. Tom intervened and worked hard to get my son the help he needed, but my son was not ready to accept it. Almost a year later and a 7 day jail stay, my son is receiving help in a long term 12 step based recovery house program. I cannot begin to tell you the work that Tom put in helping us find the right place for him. The phone calls back and forth. The moral support for me to reassure me that I needed to stay strong and not give in to my son telling me he was fine after going through the withdrawal process in jail. There was a time when I was feeling weak and almost went to get my son. But I sent Tom a text and he called me before I put the phone down. The personal time he took to make me understand that I was not helping my son by going to get him, but by doing so I would be enabling the addict. I can’t put into words how much Tom Hamilton has helped and supported not only my son but me. I will never be able to thank him enough for being there when no one else would, and for putting up with all my calls and emotional breakdowns!

Ann V.

What can you say about someone who met me where I was at without judgment, stayed with me, helped me, guided me and gave me the tools I needed to meet my immediate challenges and then to change my life. Tom is compassionate, yet firm, and I can not think of a better personal guide for anyone seeking to further their own development and growth or facing the challenges that life puts before us – finances, family, work, addictions, fears and insecurities.

Bruce S

We have known Tom for the past fifteen years and consider him to be one of our dearest and most valued friends. We have seen Tom go through some extremely tough times physically. As he is with everything else, he simply met his challenge head on and has overcome odds that few others can boast. We have also watched Tom work diligently to become the best person he can become…..both personally and professionally. Tom never takes short cuts. He is detail oriented and never leaves out anything! When the tables turned and we needed his help, he was there for us 100%. That’s Tom Hamilton! Recently he conducted a Continuing Education for a group of volunteers for our church and they simply did not want to let him go. Tom is full of wisdom, discernment, and perseverance…..not to mention his integrity, dignity and high principles. It is a great honor that we recommend Tom Hamilton!

Carolyn and Mace P.

I’ve seen Tom mentor so many people, in his professional and private life He truly has a servant’s heart and is willing to give all that it takes to help others. Tom uses fundamental spiritual principles and wisdom to help guide those who seek his help. He is a humble servant who is a willing vessel and instrument for his Creator. No matter where the need is Tom is willing to travel. No matter what the need is Tom is always willing to give.

Christina D

Tom Hamilton is an inspiration to many and a blessing in my life...
Starting with that very meeting, Tom has always been of service first. As our relationship has deepened over the years, I don't ever recall an encounter of any kind - phone call, text, email, or in person that he has not made a deposit in my life. What a rare man he is, his care for others and willingness to serve unconditionally is evident to everyone. Tom's attention to detail is second to none, and his memory is astounding. He listens carefully in all conversations and his wealth of real life experience and emotional intelligence serve him and others extremely well. This is not an act - this is who he is - it is his DNA.
I always thank my God as I remember Tom in my prayers!

Mark M.